What is compound miter saw

Compound miter saws are a must-have for any home workshop. They are a useful feature if you’re into Do-it-yourself woodwork or have some experience making cuts on wood. Unfortunately, if you’re new to carpentry, choosing an ideal compound miter saw can be daunting. There are often too many options and a wide variety of prices. Don’t worry. This article will explain all you need to know about compound miter saws to help you make a decision. These kind of tools are not easily been handled, therefore here are few tips for you on mastering this great tool.


What’s a compound miter saw used for?

You can use a compound miter saw to make cuts at a variety of angles. It can be used to make crosscuts and square cuts. A compound miter saw allows you to tilt your cut in at least one direction. This useful feature makes it ideal for cutting bevels, which is actually the main reason you’d want to get this type of saw. You don’t have to flip your piece of wood to make the cut at the right angle. Great guide on how to use miter saw can be found here.

Types of compound miter saws

They are basically two types of compound miter saws: Single bevel and double bevel. A single bevel allows you to tilt cuts only in one direction, mostly to the right. Double bevel saws allow you to tilt cuts both left and right. The difference in price between the single bevel and double bevel is often in the range of $20. With such a small price difference, unless you’re on a really tight budget, you might as well pay the extra amount to get a double bevel.


What not to get

Compound miter saws come in many different sizes. However, anyone who is not a professional builder should probably not get a 12-inch double bevel saw. While this saw looks like a real mean machine, it is too large and expensive for the average household workshop. Not to mention very dangerous in unskilled hands. Do yourself a favor and skip this one.

Remember miter saws are useful for making bevel cuts. If you only need to do straight cuts, you don’t need one. But if you need one, make sure to visit this review blog, they are reviewing the top 5 compound miter saws.

Check out this great video on how to use the compound miter saw: